Apartments Near Thomas Jefferson School of Medicine

Looking for apartments near Thomas Jefferson School of Medicine or Temple School of Podiatric Medicine? The Chocolate Works is a five-building complex of Old City Philadelphia apartments designed for an exceptional living experience. Originally home to the Wilbur Chocolate Company, our newly renovated 1- and 2-bedroom Old City apartments preserve architectural character and industrial details.

Philadelphia is a hub for healthcare. The city is known for its world-class hospitals and innovative medical programs, offering unparalleled opportunity for both employees and patients. If you’re in either category and searching for a new home, Chocolate Works’ apartments near Thomas Jefferson School of Medicine and Temple School of Podiatric Medicine—as well as many other leading healthcare facilities—offer close, convenient commutes as well as access to the many benefits of living near large, reputable hospitals.

Easy Commutes to Nearby Medical Schools

The ability to get to work or school in just minutes is especially important for healthcare professionals. Chocolate Works is just a half-mile from Temple School of Podiatric Medicine, one of the nation’s leading podiatry schools that offers the largest podiatric medical clinic in the city. After a long day of classes or clinicals, Chocolate Works residents studying at the school can walk home in just 10 minutes. The Chocolate Works’ apartments near Thomas Jefferson School of Medicine also allow Jeff employees the convenience of a 20-minute walk, providing some needed fresh air after a stressful shift. Or it’s just a five-minute ride on public transit for those looking to get home and kick back in a hurry.

Convenient Work-Life Balance 

Living near such well-known healthcare leaders has a range of other advantages as well, as the nearby areas have been built up to accommodate the many employees, students, patients, and visitors. Apartments near Thomas Jefferson School of Medicine put residents right near the flourishing Market East corridor, which is quickly becoming the city’s leading shopping and nightlife district, and the surrounding neighborhoods boast some of the region’s leading restaurants and cultural venues. The neighborhood around Temple School of Podiatric Medicine features everything from historic sites to an internationally known and innovative convention center.

Chocolate Works’ apartments near Thomas Jefferson School of Medicine and Temple School of Podiatric Medicine make it simple for residents to seamlessly blend their personal and professional lives.

Student looking through a microscope at a school of medicine

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